Download PhenoTimer

PhenoTimer runs on MacOSX and Windows. It also runs on some Linux platforms (Ubuntu 9.04, limited testing, no guarantees).

PhenoTimer is licensed under GNU GPL v3.0 and free for academic use.

Download the application and source code here:

MacOSX (see below for details on the installation): or or
Windows: ;
Linux: ;

Depending on whether you are running Java on a 32-bit or a 64-bit system, please download the corresponding version as indicated in the name. For MacOSX, if the application from the first link does not run on your system, try the 32 or 64-bit versions and read below for further instructions.

Installation details:
You need to have the Java Runtime Environment installed to be able to run PhenoTimer. Mac users will also need the JOGL libraries.

For MacOSX, if you have Java 7 installed, please download the corresponding JOGL files here and place all the files in the folder in "Library/Java/Extensions/". Then download the phenotimer.macosx64 archive. For previous versions of Java, the application should run without additional installations.

Please note that any difficulties you might encounter in getting the application to run are due to different Java and JOGL dependencies for 32- and 64-bit systems. In case you encounter any problems with installing or running the software, you could also try to compile the source code from within Processing. We are happy to provide further assistance if needed - please contact:   secrier 'at'

Running PhenoTimer:
Windows: double-click the PhenoTimer.exe executable and then load a file
Linux: in the folder, run ./PhenoTimer from the command line (specify also parameters -d32 or -d64 for the 32 and 64-bit version, respectively)
MacOSX: in the folder, double-click the PhenoTimer application or run from the command line like specified for Linux

Before trying out PhenoTimer, check out the tutorial.