PhenoTimer 1.0 visualizes time-resolved phenotypic connections in a genotypic context. Several view modes are offered for the user:

  • • 3D arc view - represents connections between phenotypes as arcs in 3D, at every time point
  • • 2D arc view - the same connections, flattened to a 2D representation
  • • circular view - represents links between phenotypes at selected time points in a circular fashion, similar to Circos display
  • • heat map - a heat map of gene-associated values is plotted at each time point for every phenotype; every heat map is zoomable
  • • line plot - the timeline evolution of values for every gene and phenotype is plotted; every subplot is zoomable

The view modes should be used complementarily to maximize the insight that one can obtain from the data.

mouse dragged + keypressed r : rotate figure
mouse dragged + keypressed m : translate (move) figure
mouse scrollbar moved : zoom in/out
keypressed t : switch between visualizing connections for all time points up to the current one and visualizing only the current time point

  Check out or download the tutorial here.