What is PhenoTimer?

PhenoTimer is a visualization tool for time-resolved biological data. It helps make sense out of gene-phenotype relations in a temporal context, by displaying the time-driven phenotypic connections for the given dataset in parallel with networks highlighting the genes or functions corresponding to a particular time point.

Main features

  • • Handling time-resolved data
  • • Display of connections between phenotype at single time points or for a time interval as arcs
  • • View modes: 3D arcs, 2D arcs, circular, heatmap, line plot
  • • Directionality given by color of arc
  • • Time slider
  • • Phenotype thresholds
  • • Gene and arc selection
  • • Time offset
  • • GO term network display (biological process, molecular function, cellular component)
  • • Network display from user input
  • • Dynamic network generation from data at every time point
  • • Highly interactive: zoom, rotate, pan capabilities

PhenoTimer is free for academic users under the GNU GPL v3 license.
Commercial users please contact us at reinhard.schneider'at'